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Cool Links

By phroghollow, November 29, 2009 5:29 am

Did you know someone went and made official rules for Shotgun? Check it out here

Something I like to see, correct usage of the apostrophe

Something more for the Christmas list a Jawa garden ornament :

Some cool advertising for Disneys Star Wars Weekends :
More of them when you click the picture

Sadly is only displaying “verified” torrents now, so if you need to find something torrent freak did a good story on 10 alternatives you can try : here

Now Video`s :
Alka Seltzer Tablet + Water in Micro Gravity on the International Space Station :

I personally prefer Top Gear but 5th Gear did a cool experiment, on can a car loop the loop :

This is a great sleight of hand routine :

Alright, thats it. Outta here. Bye.


By phroghollow, November 26, 2009 5:30 am

The Zombie Bite Calculator

Created by Oatmeal


By phroghollow, September 11, 2009 5:31 am

I mentioned this a while ago, and here`s an update :That is all. Bye.A

Day Off

By phroghollow, September 10, 2009 5:32 am

Well, i`m on my days off again, just about to go pick Paul up, thought i`d hit the blog first.
Hasn`t been too interesting here, Car still p*ssing me off, still looking at leasing but trying to hold off till next year. Went and saw My Sisters Keeper at the movies, wasn`t that impressed, but Adele enjoyed it so it was worth it.

Intersting stuff:
History of Johnny Walker. I found it intersting anyway :

I Want One Of These :
Cheese Board in the form of a mouse trap :

These are cool, I can`t think of a use for them straight of the top of my head but anyway :

To Order Click the pic :
This is sooo bad, how can you eat this :
Deep Fried Butter.

Anyway, brief entry but i`m outta here. Bye.


By phroghollow, August 17, 2009 5:34 am

Bored, Been to the doctor this morning to get a script filled. Put some washing on the line. Watched some TV. Bored now. Might head down to the post office and send some stuff for Adele.

Off to see District 9 at some stage tomorrow, after Kaz come and do our cabling quote. If you haven`t seen a trailer for District 9 :

- So keen to watch this. I`ll let you know how it goes.

I love nature Doco`s as Adele will atest to, I can sit and watch them for hours and Sir David Attenborough is the king :

Amusing :

Thought this was pretty cool, his other songs are pretty damn cool as well, check em out on youtube :

Time to find something else to do. Bye.

EDIT : I ended up going to the post office.
EDIT 2 : Swine Flu Pic – First Celrbrity Death :


By phroghollow, August 10, 2009 5:35 am

Ok, for those that follow me on Twitter you would have been right if you had guessed : Adele and I went to The Australian War Memorial. Adele and I adventured out for a bit of touristy fun today, it was free and we felt rather patriotic after doing it. We had been wanting to go for a while but since she took today off on flex we decided to go today to avoid the Saturday crowd…..BIG MISTAKE. Bloody School Kids.

So that was todays adventure, we actually feel we may go back and start on the bottom level as we spent most of our time on World War 1 & 2, so we feel next time we`ll start at the Korean war.

Last weekend cause I saw these on :
We think the egg carton is to stop them falling over :
They looked good when completed we used a vanilla cream icing :
Smelly Ellie Helped too :

Adele didn`t think Smellie should eat chocolate cake mix but I beg to differ she liked it lots.

I have been relying on a stash of earplugs I had from working in the Data Centre but since I thought it was time to go legit, we went to the Safety Shop in Fyshwick and bought a tube of ear plugs, you have to be careful with your earplugs as Ellie has decided they are a delicious chewy treat that we keep next to the bed :
$28 for that lot, 100 pairs.

Apart from that its really been work, work and more work. I did have a small win over a Dell laptop this morning which made me feel better. Dell have some weird settings in their BIOS, the end result of which is that you can`t install an OS unless you change some stuff.

So what has amused me recently :
A Viral video that promotes office :

- Dunno how it promotes office, but its fun and gives me a goal to aim for this summer.

This is an animated gif, it may take some time to load, but essentially a revolving half-cut of the anatomy of a lego Mini-Fig :

This just cracks me up the more I watch it :

What can I say I love Bacon and this is a good way to go :

Ahh Calvin and Hobbes you never fail me :

Try to do this every time I visit Aldi :

This guy is pretty damn good with Dough :

Alright Swine flu pic and i`m outta here :

Alright, thats it, i`m outta here. Bye.

Alright, i`m doing it

By phroghollow, July 9, 2009 5:36 am

I`ve been asked to do this countless times so here it is :

What have I been up to, well for the last 4 days I`ve had a cold.
Today I went to the Motor Registry and registered the cars. Both of them. I did the easy bit, Adele arranged all the inspections etc required to get them registered, all this has made me go well why don`t we lease a car? gonna look into it next time they have the option at work.

Before that I was doing a week of Cisco ICND1 training which when I do my test and pass it I`ll have a qualification, so i`ll have a piece of paper that says I actually know what I`m talking about for once. Then it`s ICND2 training at some stage. Which means i`ll have my CCNA. Yay. Then at some stage we`re doing Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician(MCDST) so more qualifications. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is also looming in the distance. So i`ll do it if work pays for it.

Now not much else been happening, it`s Cold. Mary, Al, Clare and Shane can all atest to this after coming for Clare`s admission to the courts as a Solicitor/Barrister, i`m probably getting this all wrong anyway.

Anyway, what has been amusing me : The Sunjar :
How to Peel An Egg Quickly :

- Damn have to make sure Adele watches that one for my next egg in a cup.

How to Peel a Banana Easily :

- Who knew I`d been doing it wrong all these years.

Alice & Kev :
With the release of Sims 3 comes this blog, it`s basically a story about 2 homeless Sims. It`s quite amusing and has been keeping me coming back for a daily dose :
Alice & Kev

And finally a Swine Flu pic :
So that`s about it really. Bye.

Day`s Off, I love them

By phroghollow, June 16, 2009 5:37 am

So next week I was doing a course which would have meant that I was starting work on Monday, but now I`ve been bumped from the course till later so I get Monday and Tuesday off as well. SWEEEEET, I will hold them to sending me to the course though. Still I have Mary & Al here for 3 nights and possibly Clare for 1.

So today was taking Adele to have some routine tests done at the hospital(Don`t worry all just normal stuff). So whilst she went and did that, I went searching for Miami Ink on DVD, I saw it at JB Hifi for $60 for the first 6 collections which are normally $30 each but I was too slow and missed it, But then I found it at Dick Smith PowerHouse :
Sorry DSE you have no DVD`s on your Website, so JB gets the link this time(Click the pic for a link). Both Adele and I are huge Miami Ink fans, we used to sit in hotel rooms and watch Foxtel just so we could see it, whenever we went away, so I downloaded most of them but there were some that weren`t available and we decided that we would just buy the DVD`s. So that`s what we`ll be doing today, watching Miami Ink.

Now I seem to get visitors here that hit the video`s so here we go :
Creationists sh*t me, so to show how ridiculous it is :

- But I suppose if you want to believe in it, go for it, just do not try and push it on me or anyone else.

Swine Flu Pic :

Anyway, thats about it really. Bye.

Busy Weekend

By phroghollow, June 14, 2009 5:39 am

Busy this weekend. Shopping in Civic yesterday, bought my first comic in 10 years from Impact comics, Jim Butcher`s The Dresden Files : Welcome to the Jungle, It`s a Hardcover colation of a 4 part comic, The Dresden Files is a series of Novel(and a short lived TV show) about a wizard(Much better than Harry Potter), currently they are releasing 4 part comic versions of the novels, so i`ll be grabbing these every few months.

Today our internet rolled over so no more throttling and we are back to full speed. We went to Injoy at Gold Creek Village to have brunch with Adam and Natalie and our God-Daughter Haley, which we enjoyed as we are so busy lately we don`t see them nearly as much as we would like to. We finally got to give her, her christmas and birthday presents, which gives you an idea of how busy we are. We then came home and did grocery shopping for the fortnight and just got back from visiting Adele`s Great Aunt. We took smelly Ellie with us which Aunty Elaine seemed to enjoy. We then took smelly for a walk.

This fortnight my parents come down for the weekend as well as my sister Clare and her husband Shane(we assume he`s coming) Clare is being admitted at the Supreme Court so she can practice law(Time to go stir up some trouble and test her skills out).

So now that`s all out of the way, what have I found this week :
Swine Flu Photo :

- This was quite cool.

Anyone know anyone who still uses shower curtains :
I saw Terminator Salvation last week. Not bad, not great, I enjoyed it alot more than Terminator 3 though. So all up, Good work McG.

Alright, time to go forage. Goodnight all.

On A Blog Roll

By phroghollow, May 29, 2009 5:41 am

Ok, so i`ve done 3 posts in a week, no i`m not ill, just sitting here waiting for stuff to finish downloading. So whats entertained me :

Reminds me of Big

I`ve now watched Most of Miami Ink(Need the DVD`s thinking it`s worth buying them). I`ve watched all of LA Ink up to end of season 3, waiting for season 4 now and i`ve watched all of London Ink up to the end of Season 2, now waiting for season 3. When I was getting tattoo`d, Lugh the artist said that one of his Tattoo mates has told him he is filming Sydney Ink. So when I came home I jumped straight on the net and found the info, I`m definitely going to have to apply for this :) . See Link for details.

Ok, now I did buy a Snuggie/Cosie/Cuddly/Slanket. But I draw the line at the wearable towel :

“It`s the Towel with arm holes”

Mandatory Swine Flu Shot (It`s getting harder to find these):
Piglet`s mate`s are starting to feel a little paranoid now.

One gripe from this week, i`ve now seen a car driving round Queanbeyan twice with the License plate : Rolls, My gripe is not with the personalised number plate its the fact that it’s Rolls on a Mercedes. Dammit you can`t afford a rolls get over it. Owner of the car if you`re reading this : CHANGE YOUR LICENSE PLATE.

Now those of you who are old enough will remember a little gem from the 80`s called V.
I personally remember it, but only from episodes I managed to watch without my parent`s finding out. Well they`re remaking it :

Ok, I`ve been to watch a few movies in the last month, Fast and Furious (BORING & full of plot holes), Monster`s Vs Aliens (Decent movie, can`t wait for it on DVD in 3D) & Finally Star Trek, for those of you who don`t read my Tweets, Basically I loved this movie, JJ has done a massively excellent job, for those interested here is the trailer :

Now I also watched the new X-Men Origin`s : Wolverine movie. Whilst it was a good movie, it wasn`t anywhere near on the scale of Star Trek, I highly recommend Star Trek as a good Action Movie, not even as a Trekkie movie.

Hold up, just found this :

Its a short that aired in the previews for Bolt.

Alright that`s it, i`m bored and Azrael needs feeding. Bye.

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