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Random Photos

By phroghollow, February 25, 2011 8:47 am

Panorama of Lake George, there is water in there :

Now one of Googong Dam where we just had a picnic :

I had to compress both for size, but you can download the originals here : Googong and Lake George (This will be edited later, the originals are like 10-25mb each so fair warning, they`re uploading now)

We also stopped to take a photo of the spillway, now last time a photo of it was on the blog it was a little overflowy, but it`s now alot nicer :

Austrian Schnitzel House – Schnitzel Challenge

By phroghollow, January 27, 2011 10:39 am

The Challenge :
1Kg of Chicken Schnitzel
Pile of chips(Size : Unspecified)
1Litre Beer
Time Limit : 1 Hour

The Austrian Schnitzel House in Gladesville Sydney offers the challenge. It costs $55 to do, if you complete the challenge, you get a T-Shirt, Certificate of completion, Free Dessert, Shot of Schnapps & Your photo on their wall of champions and their website.

Wayde, Wilko and I decided to head to Sydney and try it seeing as Adele and I wanted to go to Ikea in Homebush just across the river from it anyway.

We picked up Wilko and Wayde and headed to Sydney, finished at Ikea and arrived at the schnitzel house and got started at 12:45. I monstered into the Schnitzels and had them all finished in around 20 min(I feel this was the key to success) I then had the chips and beer to go. I finished with around 14 mins to spare according to Adele.

Wilko and Wayde came close but ended up stopping(the intelligent decision in my opinion), not that I blame them I did feel very full and my official position is that this is way too much protein in one meal.

I couldn’t stomach the schnapps nor the dessert, so Adele kindly volunteered to take one for the team and eat it. The Schnapps was donated back to the restaurant untouched.

This was covered by Hamish and Andy in their Hungry Hungry Heroes adventure :

Hamish Failed, I reigned supreme. :)

Pics :

The Arrival

Waiting for the meal

The Beer

The Meal

The Sauce


The Remorse

The T-shirt

Right Arm

Left Arm

Adeles Attempt

Scnitzel Certificate

There are no photo`s of the aftermath, but I can say NO-ONE is meant to actually digest that much food, in one sitting. No more food eating challenges for this little black duck. Bye.

PowerHouse Museum

By phroghollow, October 30, 2010 2:09 am

Whilst in Sydney we decided to check out the PowerHouse Museum, they had emailed me randomly saying they had an AC/DC exhibition on till the 28th of November, I say randomly cause its the only email i`d received from them and i`d never signed up for it, but hey it got me in. So after lunch at the Pontoon Bar – $10 meals and a big bottle of Tomato Sauce all to myself :) :
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We caught the mono-rail to the PowerHouse Museum. We checked out the AC/DC Australia`s Family Jewels Exhibition, I enjoyed it thoroughly, including the letters written from Bon to Irene, Angus`s outfits and Guitar, it has interesting bits about their gigs in their early years through to the sell out stadium shows and their current Black Ice tour. If you`re in Sydney near the PowerHouse Museum Check it out. No Photo`s cause there was signs up everywhere prohibiting them, but they do sell a book in the gift shop with pics of all the exhibits.

We also checked out the 80`s are Back exhibition that was on whilst we were there. Very retro, Not a HyperColour T-Shirt in site though, BIG oversight PowerHouse (If you`re reading this….Who Am I kidding?) After this we were pretty wiped out and headed over to the Mall above Paddy`s Markets to have a look through(Pro-Tip if you`re staying in Darling Harbour : There is an IGA supermarket in there), then back to the hotel to rest.

One more adventure whilst in Sydney, next post. Bye.

Sydney Aquarium

By phroghollow, October 30, 2010 1:57 am

After hitting SugarFix to get CandyCorn, we headed down to the Sydney Aquarium to check out what they had. We saw heaps of fish(Derr, its an aquarium) but we got to check out the Dugong :

I dunno, I really like Dugongs, not sure why but I do.

It was in the same tank as some nice bright fish and some Ray`s :

We headed on into the Shark Aquarium where we saw some Gray Nurse sharks, Port Jackson Sharks and some more Rays & Turtles :

Saw some other cool stuff like this diver, who has a pretty cool job :

That was about it for our trip to the Aquarium, I enjoyed it, it was much better than the crappy one we went to in Singapore on our honeymoon. Bye.

The Morning Show

By phroghollow, October 27, 2010 11:46 am

We`ve been wanting to check out Sunrise in Martin Place in Sydney for ages, but we found out that Kochie and Mel were in Brisbane on the Tuesday morning we were going to be there. So we headed up after 9am for Larry and Kylie on the Morning Show. And we found that they actually don`t have glass behind them, they have an LCD, which shows footage from Martin Place. I`m in this video a couple of times, when i`m on the phone, i`m talking to my dad :

The Camera`s film into Martin Place on the right hand side of this photo :

The Lindt Cafe is right across the way from where I was standing. Here it is on a map if you actually want to go there yourself :

That`s All for now. Bye.

Taronga Zoo Part 2

By phroghollow, October 27, 2010 10:59 am

We saw the Gorillas :

In the moat between the Gorilla`s and us was a whole heap of ducks with ducklings

And some more Goat like animals :

In the Gibbon enclosure we saw a whole heap of Giant Koi and a Gibbon of Course :

We saw Giant Galapagos Tortises, in the same pen, was a random chicken like bird with chicks :

Adele also liked the Francois Langur :

LOL if no-one hears from me in the next 24-48 Hours Adele has probably shot me :)

We saw otters :

Then we went to the Seal Show, which I have to say, absolutely cr*pped all over the seal show from SeaWorld which we saw a couple of years ago. Adele really loved Mitchie the seal, who could show his whiskers :

Mya the Sea-Lion was pretty Cool :

Mitchie Came back and spoke a bit :

Mitchie then Jumped up and hit the ball as well :

As you can tell, Adele liked the Sea-Lion as well :

We then headed back to the City, We saw Luna Park :

We then got left in Circular Quay by the ferry and had to wait for a while, so we had lunch, whilst waiting for the ferry back to Darling Harbour we saw this guy dancing with what appeared to be the love of his life :

We then headed back to Darling Harbour, earlier in the day we had spied a photo booth with a bike attached to it, which had intrigued me, so on our return we approached the booth and were told that we could get free photo`s if I rode for 90 seconds to power the booth, this booth, was set up as part of Volkswagon`s Project Blue both to promote their line of Green (Hybrid/Electric) Vehicle`s and to get people thinking about the energy required to power things :

Despite having jogged in the morning, walked around Taronga Zoo, I was keen so I jumped on and pedaled for the 90 Seconds(Very hard work mind you) the back wheel is connected to a generator and feet kept slipping off the pedals. But we got our photo`s :

After this, we headed back to the hotel, dumped our bag and headed up to George Street, intending to watch Tomorrow When the War Began at the cinema. But it was stared by the time we got there. So we headed down George Street, looked in at the Sony Style Centre store on at World Square, then decided it was time for dinner.

We found Scruffy Murphy`s on Goulburn St, it had meals for $6.95 with every drink purchased, so it was Chicken Schnitzels all round and a Toohey`s Extra Dry for me and a Lemon Squash for the pregnant missus ;) . Meals were Delicious and it was quiet, so atmosphere was excellent, then it was back to the hotel and bed, to crash for the night.

Check back for the next exciting adventure, as soon as I have enough energy to upload it. Bye.

Lake George

By phroghollow, March 1, 2010 5:25 am

On our way home from holiday, I sent tweet from the lookout at Lake George saying there was water in it. I received some replies saying that wasn`t much, now that was the best I could do with a camera phone at the time, but here is a couple of shots taken from our DSLR :

Note the wind turbines in the background, they are now fully operational.
1st pic taken with the standard 18-55mm lens, the 2nd with the bigger 55-200mm lens.

So thats a little bit better, I imagine the water has probably dried up by now, but thats the most water I`ve seen in Lake George for a long time. Bye.


By phroghollow, March 1, 2010 5:23 am

Adele and I decided to go for an adventure last night. We decided to go to the Greyhounds.

The track is just off Hindmarsh drive opposite the Best Western Sundown Motel. $5.50 each Entry fee to get us both in and we settled down to have a bit of a gamble.

We had a great time, we arrived just as Race 1 started. And we got to see a dog cartwheel along, it then picked itself up off the ground and continued.

Race 2, We picked Happy Glow who managed to come in third. Yay we thought, Money back. Until we found out they only pay place for 2nd :( .

Race 3, Adele`s pick Milly Moo managed to shoot out of the barriers in first:
The Greyhound then ran along in the lead till about 3/4 of the way through the race, when it decided to turn around and go back the other way. We were laughing about it and then Adele realised that the owners were sitting behind us.

Race 4 :

- We picked Demon Fighter, but we came in third again. No money back :(

Race 5 :
The Anytime Fitness Stakes(Huge Cash Prize to the winner of $770) over 440m, we picked Chocolate Cobber initially but was told it was scratched late. So we picked Apidra. Again, Third :( .

We decided to save our money and head to the Tigers club where we drowned our sorrows in food and diet soft drinks. Still a good night out had by both of us :)


By phroghollow, August 10, 2009 5:35 am

Ok, for those that follow me on Twitter you would have been right if you had guessed : Adele and I went to The Australian War Memorial. Adele and I adventured out for a bit of touristy fun today, it was free and we felt rather patriotic after doing it. We had been wanting to go for a while but since she took today off on flex we decided to go today to avoid the Saturday crowd…..BIG MISTAKE. Bloody School Kids.

So that was todays adventure, we actually feel we may go back and start on the bottom level as we spent most of our time on World War 1 & 2, so we feel next time we`ll start at the Korean war.

Last weekend cause I saw these on :
We think the egg carton is to stop them falling over :
They looked good when completed we used a vanilla cream icing :
Smelly Ellie Helped too :

Adele didn`t think Smellie should eat chocolate cake mix but I beg to differ she liked it lots.

I have been relying on a stash of earplugs I had from working in the Data Centre but since I thought it was time to go legit, we went to the Safety Shop in Fyshwick and bought a tube of ear plugs, you have to be careful with your earplugs as Ellie has decided they are a delicious chewy treat that we keep next to the bed :
$28 for that lot, 100 pairs.

Apart from that its really been work, work and more work. I did have a small win over a Dell laptop this morning which made me feel better. Dell have some weird settings in their BIOS, the end result of which is that you can`t install an OS unless you change some stuff.

So what has amused me recently :
A Viral video that promotes office :

- Dunno how it promotes office, but its fun and gives me a goal to aim for this summer.

This is an animated gif, it may take some time to load, but essentially a revolving half-cut of the anatomy of a lego Mini-Fig :

This just cracks me up the more I watch it :

What can I say I love Bacon and this is a good way to go :

Ahh Calvin and Hobbes you never fail me :

Try to do this every time I visit Aldi :

This guy is pretty damn good with Dough :

Alright Swine flu pic and i`m outta here :

Alright, thats it, i`m outta here. Bye.

Busy Weekend

By phroghollow, June 14, 2009 5:39 am

Busy this weekend. Shopping in Civic yesterday, bought my first comic in 10 years from Impact comics, Jim Butcher`s The Dresden Files : Welcome to the Jungle, It`s a Hardcover colation of a 4 part comic, The Dresden Files is a series of Novel(and a short lived TV show) about a wizard(Much better than Harry Potter), currently they are releasing 4 part comic versions of the novels, so i`ll be grabbing these every few months.

Today our internet rolled over so no more throttling and we are back to full speed. We went to Injoy at Gold Creek Village to have brunch with Adam and Natalie and our God-Daughter Haley, which we enjoyed as we are so busy lately we don`t see them nearly as much as we would like to. We finally got to give her, her christmas and birthday presents, which gives you an idea of how busy we are. We then came home and did grocery shopping for the fortnight and just got back from visiting Adele`s Great Aunt. We took smelly Ellie with us which Aunty Elaine seemed to enjoy. We then took smelly for a walk.

This fortnight my parents come down for the weekend as well as my sister Clare and her husband Shane(we assume he`s coming) Clare is being admitted at the Supreme Court so she can practice law(Time to go stir up some trouble and test her skills out).

So now that`s all out of the way, what have I found this week :
Swine Flu Photo :

- This was quite cool.

Anyone know anyone who still uses shower curtains :
I saw Terminator Salvation last week. Not bad, not great, I enjoyed it alot more than Terminator 3 though. So all up, Good work McG.

Alright, time to go forage. Goodnight all.

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