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Freddie`s First Haircut

By phroghollow, January 19, 2012 9:10 am

Freddie`s hair was getting a bit long and the decision was made to get his first haircut. We went to pick him up from day care and take him for his hair cut but he was asleep, so instead of waking him up which always makes him grumpy, we went and made the appointment and came back. Luckily this time he was awake. Continue reading 'Freddie`s First Haircut'»

Freddie Swimming Lessons

By phroghollow, January 18, 2012 8:37 am

Sorry it`s been so long, we`ve been terribly busy and we haven`t had a chance to actually sit down and type anything up. Needless to say the boy has been growing, I now refer to him as the Behemoth. He weighs in at almost 11Kg now and is growing well. Continue reading 'Freddie Swimming Lessons'»

Freddie Christening

By phroghollow, October 26, 2011 1:41 pm

Been a while since we updated the blog, we`ll add some more soon, we promise. So we got Freddie christened, we decided on the Cathedral in Lismore as it was closer to my family and made it slightly easier for everyone. The christening took place on the 25th of September, Kirsty and Michael and Paul my  friend are the God Parents.

Freddie wore the christening outfit that Mary bought and Kirsty`s kids were christened in and we will be passing it to Clare for Chloe`s christening if Shane and her decide to christen her.

Freddie slept through the whole baptism, including the part where they poured water on his head, he did wake up at the end but he was not traumatised at all by the whole thing.

We went past mums grave at the Gonnellebah lawn cemetery after the baptism and then went back down to Ballina to Cafe 29 for lunch. We had a beautiful cake carried all the way from Canberra by Adele`s Mother.

We headed back home afterwards but had a rather large hail storm hit Ballina it appears that it hit badly everywhere, but we got some good photos of The Coast Road

And out the front of Al`s place in Skennars Head

We`ve been busy, i’ve been writing for so if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out. Bye.

Freddie Update

By Danndel, June 11, 2011 12:44 am

Hi Folks, its been a long time between posts, sorry about that we’ve been a tad busy :o )

Freddie is doing very well, he is 10 weeks old now (where has that time gone!) and growing heaps, last clinic visit which was a month ago he weighed just over 5kg and was 59cm long. We have another clinic visit in 2 weeks for another weigh and measure, he is very tall and has already outgrown his “000″ clothes!!

Our boy is a very good baby, he enjoys his bath and LOVES having his nappy off which is a complete change from when he was first born when he hated both. Having a shower is another story though, hates it, but he has now graduated out of his baby bath to the big bath and loves it. Oh and he has been sleeping through the night, mostly, for about the last 2 weeks!!!!

We’ve been quite busy over the last 10 weeks, we of course had Al and Kirsty with us when Freddie was born, Kim and Beth come for a visit when Freddie was a week old and helped us celebrate his 1 week old birthday :o ) Amy and Anthony came to visit over Easter which was lovely. Then a couple of weeks ago Rhonda and John came up to visit from Bendigo as well so heaps of visitors. We also had to go into the ANU for a special afternoon tea that my work held for us so that they could all meet Freddie!! This week our very good friend Susan (little Susie Barker) and her husband Stuart are visiting from the UK, I’m so excited can’t wait to see them!!

We welcomed my sisters baby boy Alexander on 11th May, Freddie and Alex first met at the hospital but both were to busy sleeping to really care :o ) Freddie is rather huge compared to his tiny little cousin!!

We are off on our first holiday in a couple of weeks to visit Poppy Alan and attend Amy and Anthony’s engagement party, can’t wait. We are also going to call in and see Great Poppy Mick on the way so he can meet he great grand child.

So best go before the boy wake up, take care all xx

1 April 2011

By Danndel, April 10, 2011 10:29 am

Well it actually all started on Thursday 31st March 2011, I had my weekly OB appointment at the hospital at 9.45am. I wasn’t feeling particularly well that morning  and my BP was very high so I was referred for some tests and a review with up with the Dr’s on the delivery ward to make a decision on whether to increase my BP medication or book me in to be induced.

The final decision was made late that afternoon to induce. I was admitted to hospital with a plan to be induced early Friday morning but went into labour spontaneously Thursday night!! Was in active labour for 9.5 hours including 3.5 hours of pushing, he got stuck and had to be pulled out with forceps in the end (or salad servers as the Dr called them!). I did have an epidural cause my blood pressure was playing up but I managed to achieve my goal of being 5cm dilated before asking for it!! It actually didn’t work real well to start with and I could still feel strong contractions in my back until they adjusted it, I didn’t actually swear but did get really cranky with Mum and Daniel when ever they stopped rubbing my back :o )

In the end he was born at 2.34pm in the afternoon and it took a little bit of work from the Neonatal team to get him going but he was ok.

First night in  hospital went relatively well, Freddie woke regularly but feed well and went straight back to sleep. I also managed to get my own room for the first night so had a fairly good nights sleep.

First Week

By phroghollow, April 10, 2011 10:19 am

Saturday 2nd April :

I arrived at the Hospital around 7:30am, I couldn`t stay at the hospital so got back ASAP in the morning to my girl and my boy. Adele had been denied her favourite dessert of Soft-Serve Ice-Cream for 8 months due to the possibility of getting Listeria from a contaminated Soft-Serve machine. So I stopped at Mcdonalds at 7am in Woden and proceeded to get her the largest McFlurry I could(1 Large Soft Drink cup full with M&Ms), I took the boy whilst she got into Breakfast :

"Bucket" of Soft-ServeHe had his hearing test done, which he passed with flying colours.

Aunty Kirsty arrived into Canberra on the 5pm flight from Brisbane on Virgin Blue and Poppy Alan picked her up from the Airport and bought her to the Hospital to meet Freddie. Poppy Paul and Granny(Ha)Nanny Rob had arrived after Paul had picked Ellie up from our place to stay with them for a while and Robyn had run the Queanbeyan Nursing home Fete all day, they were already cuddling the precious little dude. He wouldn`t settle so after a quick run down from the Midwife we proceeded to give him a bath, which he really didn`t enjoy, this is one baby that does NOT enjoy being Nude :

He settled down after dressing at that stage. After I left for the night, Adele told me a nurse microwaved a nappy for 30 seconds and wrapped it round his middle, after that he did his 2nd Poo(Yaaay).

Sunday 3rd April :

As Daylight savings had ended at 3am, I ended up back at the hospital at 6:30am, I had been to Weston McDonalds for a Bacon McMuffin and Hashbrowns for Adele as the Woden store doesn`t open till 7. I found Frederick in bed with his mum and took him for a cuddle whilst Adele ate her breakfast. I held him for 2.5 hours whilst Adele got some well needed rest. He slept most of the day and only woke to feed or be changed. When I left the hospital I found a present attached to the car :

As I had no solid evidence I felt it wasn`t my place to accuse my family till…..:

Mystery Solved.

Monday 4th April :

We were told we could bring our boy home today. We waited all morning for the final tests to be done, we had 2 nurses do a physical on him (No clicky hips, Perfect Corneas apparently!!) He had his heel prick test, Professional Photographs(See Here and enter code : 4BPDYDS), Physio visited Adele, Pastoral Care lady visited and finally the Dr advised about Adele`s Blood Pressure and signed off on us going. Midwife did allow me to take a poo chart home :

Once we were signed off we dropped past the Canberra Hospital Florist : Pink Hibiscus Florist to see Bev(a friend of ours who I met whilst working at David Jones in Woden and did the flowers for our wedding), then we were outta there :

We got him into his car seat (after some dramas re-adjusting the seatbelt – Pro-Tip : practise this before you have the baby ready to go home) and headed home:

We stopped briefly at Baby Bunting for supplies and arrived home around 2pm. Al and Kirsty had headed off to allow us a quiet return.

Tuesday 5th April :

Freddie slept fairly well his first night home. In the morning I had to pick Ellie up from her Beauty Spa(Dog Groomer) and drop her back to Robyn and Pauls place. When I arrived home he was in his bouncer and was apparently getting a good look at the funky pattern on the bouncer :

The Midwife gave us our first home visit at around 2:30pm, all seemed good. Danny And Jess arrived in the afternoon for a visit with their boy Ross who is only 4 weeks older than Freddie :

Also Freddie tried on his cool Sunnies :

Just Like Dad

Wednesday 6th April :

Midwife came over at about 10:30am. As we then had the day clear and Clare My Sister had found out she was having a girl – Due August we decided to head out for a spot of shopping and also to take back the Baby Bath which we had used in the morning and proceeded to leak all over the kitchen bench and floor. We stopped off at Baby Bunting and then off to Trade Secret where we got some cute girly outfits (oh alright we also got some Ugg Boots for Fredde and Danielle{I reckon thats what she`ll be called}). Then into Civic to meet Al and Kirsty, we had lunch and then shopped in Myer and found some books for Freddie. Then we came home and made dinner cause Robyn and Paul were coming over, we had Roast Lamb with Cheese crusted potatoes and Veggies and for dessert we had Chocolate Hot Cross Bun and Butter Pudding. Ellie came home, met Freddie, who wasn’t fussed, Ellie was interested in the new addition but was kept away.

Thursday 7th April :

Poppy Alan left to go attend to Amy and Cyclone Tones` upcoming Nuptials(Yes my youngest sister is getting married, Tyrone is depressed{In-Joke}), I dropped him off to the airport just after 8am and came home. Mick and Maureen Halls(Friends of Adele`s Parents) came to visit, had a lovely coffee with Hot Cross Buns with them, they stayed for a short visit and left cause the Midwife was due to show up. Midwife arrived around 12pm and weighed Frederick : 3.9Kg he lost weight but this is definitely expected and all completely normal, he is eating and pooing normally and we`re booked in for an appointement with the Obstetrician Dr Davis on the 18th for both mum & bub but we’re technically in the care of the community nurse who has a clinic at Karabar. Kirsty let Ellie in for a play around midday so I let Ellie get a little closer look :

Sheis very gentle, mainly interested in smelling him at this stage. I also got to go for my first exercise in a week, a jog around the block : Frederick`s Belly button cord, is now pretty much fallen out completely(Adele has saved it {EWWWWW}), it`s an Innie :

Friday 8th April :

Lazy Morning, went for another Jog, Freddie was a little unsettled last night. We`re all excited for Kim and Beth(My Brother and Sister in-law) who are arriving from Lennox Head(By way of Sydney). They arrived and we had a lovely lunch which was supplied mostly from Karabar Bakery(Try the Quiches they`re DELICIOUS). at 2:34pm (I know we were late due to Daylight Savings). We had a cake for Freddie`s 1 week birthday :

Adele went for a snooze and for Kirsty`s last night in Canberra we had Kinglsey`s for Dinner(Those of you not from Canberra, this is Highly recommended).

Well that`s our first week with Frederick Reid Tyson. I`ll do another one next Friday for Week 2 but we`re hoping this week will be a little quieter, we love having visitors but only if they`re short at this stage, Adele and I are both pretty tired. Bye.

Frederick Reid Tyson

By phroghollow, April 1, 2011 9:49 pm


Born @ 14:34 Friday 1st of April
Weight : 3.995kg(8.81lbs)
Length : 52cm(20.47″)
Head Circumference : 35cm(13.78″)

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