Austrian Schnitzel House – Schnitzel Challenge

By phroghollow, January 27, 2011 10:39 am

The Challenge :
1Kg of Chicken Schnitzel
Pile of chips(Size : Unspecified)
1Litre Beer
Time Limit : 1 Hour

The Austrian Schnitzel House in Gladesville Sydney offers the challenge. It costs $55 to do, if you complete the challenge, you get a T-Shirt, Certificate of completion, Free Dessert, Shot of Schnapps & Your photo on their wall of champions and their website.

Wayde, Wilko and I decided to head to Sydney and try it seeing as Adele and I wanted to go to Ikea in Homebush just across the river from it anyway.

We picked up Wilko and Wayde and headed to Sydney, finished at Ikea and arrived at the schnitzel house and got started at 12:45. I monstered into the Schnitzels and had them all finished in around 20 min(I feel this was the key to success) I then had the chips and beer to go. I finished with around 14 mins to spare according to Adele.

Wilko and Wayde came close but ended up stopping(the intelligent decision in my opinion), not that I blame them I did feel very full and my official position is that this is way too much protein in one meal.

I couldn’t stomach the schnapps nor the dessert, so Adele kindly volunteered to take one for the team and eat it. The Schnapps was donated back to the restaurant untouched.

This was covered by Hamish and Andy in their Hungry Hungry Heroes adventure :

Hamish Failed, I reigned supreme. :)

Pics :

The Arrival

Waiting for the meal

The Beer

The Meal

The Sauce


The Remorse

The T-shirt

Right Arm

Left Arm

Adeles Attempt

Scnitzel Certificate

There are no photo`s of the aftermath, but I can say NO-ONE is meant to actually digest that much food, in one sitting. No more food eating challenges for this little black duck. Bye.

Roof Storage

By phroghollow, January 14, 2011 6:19 am

Well the countdown is on, BT will arrive in what feels like no time at all. Adele`s parents are coming round tomorrow to help us clean out Adele`s craft room and setup a room for BT. So to do this we decided the best place to store this stuff was in the roof. So I got up in the roof yesterday and measured up. Today I grabbed Paul and we got panels of MDF (Cut to size at Bunnings, No circular saw needed) into the roof. we lined them up and then screwed them down. Now we`re ready for tomorrow and another step closer to the arrival of BT :) .

Photo`s, Before :



BT`s First Video

By phroghollow, January 8, 2011 4:37 am

BT :

No Dangly bits present but we did ask them not to aim there.

Baby Obviously likes sleeping with it`s arm above its head (Tyson Trait)

Yawning, Yes we did wake BT up, I was paying $230 for this honour you can wake up baby.

Slight Grin.

Yes thats a foot, BT is very flexible.

Say what now?

Stick that bottom lip out BT and Mummy will do anything for you.

Enjoy. Bye.

Pregnancy Care Clinic

By phroghollow, January 6, 2011 11:35 pm

Today we went to see the midwife at Queanbeyan Hospital we alternate meetings with Dr Davis and the midwives. They did the Heart monitor on the baby, and gave me a printout :

Baby Heartbeat 07/01/11

Tomorrow the 3D/4D scan :) . Bye.

Lunar Eclipse

By phroghollow, January 6, 2011 11:22 pm

We were in Ballina for the Lunar Eclipse on the 21st of December. We were just having a nice dinner and all went out to have a look, we didn`t have our camera handy so I borrowed my sister-in-law Beth`s camera(Nikon D5000 18-200mm Lens) and took a shot :

Stolen from Phil Plait`s Twitter/ blog excellent follow if you`re into science/Astronomy etc.:

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse from William Castleman on Vimeo.


Aight. Bye.

Bon Jovi

By phroghollow, January 6, 2011 11:09 pm

We went to see Bon Jovi on the 18th of December at the Sydney Football Stadium, we stayed with Gemma and Sam, who kindly volunteered to drive into the city. We had a Beer at the Bavarian Bier Cafe then headed into the grounds and had something to eat. Grabbed a Bon Jovi Program and headed to our seats.

Setlist for the night :

- We were lucky and got a 2nd Encore. All in all, Adele and Gemma enjoyed the show.

Yay Concert

Not bad seats

Next day it was off to Ballina for Christmas with the Family, Yaay. Aight, Bye.

Queanbeyan Flood

By phroghollow, December 9, 2010 12:31 am

Well the Queanbeyan river is flooding, Adele and I are in no danger….we think. Adele is heading home to look after Ellie and Azrael, but there really is no danger…..we think.

Anyway some pics :

Looking from Queanbeyan Bridge towards Hungry Jacks/Mcdonalds

Moving Cabins and Caravans from the Caravan park

Front of Riverside Plaza (Possibly to be called On The River Plaza from now on?)

I normally walk Ellie along the front of here. This is the front of the Queanbeyan Leagues Club

Under the bridge

Riverside Plaza Carpark

Front of the QLC again

From the Top of the Queanbeyan Leagues Club(QLC) looking across the river.

From the Top of the QLC looking over past Riverside. PS there is actually a Weir under there somewhere, looks like its a bit ineffective at the moment.

Front of Riverside again. I`ll update if I get more pics. Bye.

Update : Googong Dam :

Oaks Estate Road :

Edit :

I reckon they can make it :

Whooping Cough

By phroghollow, December 6, 2010 6:22 am

Just a quick post regarding the new baby, when he/she arrives anyone coming to visit we’ll expect to have had a whooping cough vaccine booster, the first 6 weeks are specifically bad apparently, so the obstetrician has recommended that anyone who intended coming to visit should visit their doctor around February to have this done. Yes most people have had one of these when they were children but it requires a booster and with outbreaks being reported in Australia it’s getting important, so please don’t be offended if you are asked about this when you ask to come visit. I’m not looking for an argument on the pro’s and cons of vaccinations, I have done my own research and am not looking for any further information unless it comes from a certified health professional. Peace out. Bye.

Daniel – Christmas List

By phroghollow, December 2, 2010 10:58 am

I`m putting my Christmas list up here just in case anyone is wanting to buy me a christmas present, my only present(which isn`t really a christmas present) i`m really looking forward to arrives in March next year (hahaha). So this is my list, i`ll hit Adele up to get hers up, also to see if she`ll do an update to the blog cause we haven`t heard from her in a while (Hint Hint my dear). The List :

Vouchers :
Bunnings Vouchers
Bundles Baby for 3D/4D Ultra Sound.

DVD`s :
Red Dwarf : Beat The Geek
Hogans Heroes Seasons 5 & 6
LA Ink – Collection 5 & 6 – EDIT : Collection 7 is now out apparently.

Blu-Ray`s :
Alien BluRay Special Edition(All 4 movies)(With limited edition packaging Alien+Egg)
Back To THe Future Blu-Ray Trilogy
Stargate – Blu-Ray
Zombieland – Blu-Ray
Ironman2 – BluRay

Terminator 2 stuff :
Terminator 2 Arcade Machine
Terminator 2 Pinball Machine

Computer :
2Tb Hard Drive – Sata – 64Mb Cache – I need about 3 of these but 1 at a time.

Android Tablet :
Samsung Galaxy Tab

Xbox 360 :
Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360
Call Of Duty Black Ops

Plus i`m always open to cash ;) anyway gonna be a hard christmas this year, but i`ll be with the family, so we`ll do as best we can. Bye.

Baby Update

By phroghollow, December 1, 2010 11:15 pm

We went to the Obstetrician yesterday (Dr Davis – Dr Who & Astroboy fan, Yes I approve this Obstetrician). He had a look at the ultrasound pics from Week 20, said everything looks fine. Set Adele up for her Gestational Diabetes Test which she`ll do shortly. We don`t really have any “Official” scans left so no more pictures…..well that`s just unacceptable isn`t it? So i`ve booked Adele into Bundle`s Baby for a 3D/4D scan on the 8th of January, we`re going for the Video package, so hopefully we`ll have some more footage and pics in early January, Yay.

That`s about it for now, I`m sure Adele will read this and get me to add something i`ve forgotten. Bye.

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