By Danndel, October 30, 2012 11:34 am

Was just reading my last post and saw my comment about Freddie going for his second haircut and thought wow I really need to update more often, he’s about to go for haircut number 4!!! Good news is he’s a pro at haircuts now, he even sits up in the chair by himself, provided he can hold Mummy’s hand and watch Daddy get his hair cut at the same time :o )

So, Freddie news since the last post, he is well and truly running now, why walk when you can run!! Loves spending time outside mostly playing (or chasing) Ellie and kitty and looking at the doggies over the fence. He loves the park, his favourite is the swing, cries when its time to go home!! Loves riding ‘bikey’ both inside and out and throwing his ball or his balloon, we still can’t walk past a shop with balloons and/or balls without a scene!!

Freddie has most of his teeth now, just waiting on the big incisors to come in, we’ve been very lucky that his teething doesn’t seem to have caused him that much distress, although they’ve almost all come in while he’s been sick so its been hard to tell sometimes if he was miserable because of his teeth or he wasn’t feeling well. He’s now moved up a room at daycare and is now in Nursery 2 and we’ve seen a big change in him, mostly that he now talks, lots!!! Mind you his favourite thing to say is ‘Oh No!”, he’s also now saying “My Dad” when looking for Daniel :o ) Other favourites are “Where da ball?”, “Done” and “Muuuuuum!”. He’s also starting to feed himself with a spoon (yay!) and learn the actions to songs, he’s very good at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row, Row the Boat.

We are continuing with swimming lessons every Sunday, he is doing very well, finally able to do his safety step in and out of the pool on his own, is starting to kick and paddle, floats like a pro and loves using the kick board. We’ve been trying to get him to blow bubbles for ages and he’s just flat out refused to do it, but last night in the bath he finally just decided to give it a go and now loves it, just hoping he does it at swimming lessons :o )

Daniel and I are both well, I have started a new job since the last post and am enjoying it, heaps and heaps of stuff to learn but the people I work with are lovely and hey I’ve already encountered 2 people that I used to work with at ANU, its a small world!!

Best go, its late and time for bed, till next time… xx

By Danndel, July 4, 2012 12:31 pm

Wow this update is long over due, Freddie has already had haircut number 2 since the last post!!!

Where to begin, I went back to work in February, 4 days per week, have settle back in relatively well. Freddie has settled well into daycare, he loves going to Mona for a cuddle every morning but is always super excited to see Mum and Dad in the afternoon. He is now the oldest in his room, we’re just waiting on a vacancy in Nursery 2 and he will be moved up.

Freddie started crawling in March, he showed us that he could crawl much earlier then that but just refused to do it then one day he just decided to take off and hasn’t looked back!! Being mobile of course means that he gets into everything, his favourite is to go into the pantry and reorganise it for me!! He also loves riding along on his Batman ride-on bike, thinks he’s pretty clever!! He is very nearly walking, he will walk quite happily if he can hold your hand but doesn’t like walking on his own, although tonight he did let go  and walked about 5 steps on his own to Daddy.

Freddie continues to love his food, mostly, he LOVES tomato sauce and Vegemite, in fact he gets most upset if he doesn’t get his nightly drink of sauce from the sauce bottle!!! He is mostly still eating mashed food but does like a biscuit, toast or a sandwich, especially if there is Vegemite involved and he LOVES chippies!!!

We are very blessed that he has been a good sleeper from about 8 weeks, he continues to love his sleep but occasionally wakes us up to keep us on our toes, really though he hates waking up night as much as we do!! Teething has been the main thing that wakes him, he now has 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. We are currently trying to transition him from 2 sleeps each day to 1, his daycare careers suggested it might be time cause they now have difficulties getting him to have his morning sleep and he takes great pleasure in keeping the other babies awake too!! They’ve also informed us that as he does go to sleep he fights it by poking himself in the eye to try and stay awake!!

We recently took Freddie on his first outing the park, he loved the slide and but wasn’t really sure about the swing until Daddy pushed him a bit faster and then he loved it :o ) At home he continues to love playing with his ball, he loves playing catch and spends hours chasing his ball all over the place, he’s also a big fan of his Elmo, loves having a cuddle with Elmo!!

Freddie is continuing with his swimming lessons, we go every Sunday morning, he is doing well, he loves ‘jumping’ in the water and floating on his back and is quite good at safety stepping into the pool. We are still working on his safety stepping out of the pool and kicking with a kick board but he is doing very well, he can now hold the kick board on his own and can also crawl across the floating mat. We’re also still working on blowing bubbles, he just thinks that concept is funny!

Daniel and I are both well, Daniel continues to write of Ausdroid and is doing very well. Daniel and Alan are both competing in the Sun Herald City 2 Surf event in Sydney next month, Freddie and I will be at the finish line cheering them home!!

Anyway its time for bed, will try and update more regularly and will add some photos soon, sorry too slack to do it tonight!!

Freddie`s First Haircut

By phroghollow, January 19, 2012 9:10 am

Freddie`s hair was getting a bit long and the decision was made to get his first haircut. We went to pick him up from day care and take him for his hair cut but he was asleep, so instead of waking him up which always makes him grumpy, we went and made the appointment and came back. Luckily this time he was awake. Continue reading 'Freddie`s First Haircut'»

Freddie Swimming Lessons

By phroghollow, January 18, 2012 8:37 am

Sorry it`s been so long, we`ve been terribly busy and we haven`t had a chance to actually sit down and type anything up. Needless to say the boy has been growing, I now refer to him as the Behemoth. He weighs in at almost 11Kg now and is growing well. Continue reading 'Freddie Swimming Lessons'»

Freddie Christening

By phroghollow, October 26, 2011 1:41 pm

Been a while since we updated the blog, we`ll add some more soon, we promise. So we got Freddie christened, we decided on the Cathedral in Lismore as it was closer to my family and made it slightly easier for everyone. The christening took place on the 25th of September, Kirsty and Michael and Paul my  friend are the God Parents.

Freddie wore the christening outfit that Mary bought and Kirsty`s kids were christened in and we will be passing it to Clare for Chloe`s christening if Shane and her decide to christen her.

Freddie slept through the whole baptism, including the part where they poured water on his head, he did wake up at the end but he was not traumatised at all by the whole thing.

We went past mums grave at the Gonnellebah lawn cemetery after the baptism and then went back down to Ballina to Cafe 29 for lunch. We had a beautiful cake carried all the way from Canberra by Adele`s Mother.

We headed back home afterwards but had a rather large hail storm hit Ballina it appears that it hit badly everywhere, but we got some good photos of The Coast Road

And out the front of Al`s place in Skennars Head

We`ve been busy, i’ve been writing for so if you’re into that sort of thing, check it out. Bye.

TouchPad Market Error

By phroghollow, September 1, 2011 11:25 am

After a hard reset on my Touchpad I needed to add a credit card to my account to enable me to purchase an app (ComicShelfHD btw, comics are awesome on the touchpad) I got an error :
“You cannot purchase items via your Carrier Account. Please use a credit card instead”
Turns out after the Hard Reset i`m running Market Version 5.0.1400 I need to be running 5.0.1600 to enable the market to accept Australian Credit Cards, so I go to the Software Manager and after a while it prompts me to update, once I did the update to 5.0.1600 I was able to input a Credit Card and purchase apps.

Touchpad KalemSoft Install

By phroghollow, September 1, 2011 11:20 am

First you`re going to need the PreWare PC software. Right mouse click HERE and save the file somewhere you`ll remember.

Next you`ll need the KalemSoft Player click HERE

Pay the $5.99 through Paypal

Once you pay, go HERE and download :

- Now you have the software you need to setup the Touchpad

On your Touchpad go to the search field at the top of the desktop and type
hit enter and then tap on the Developer Mode Icon that appears :

At the top left is a toggle switch for password hit this to turn it on :

Enter no password and click submit :

Now your Touchpad is ready. Plug the USB Cable into the MicroUSB Port on the Touchpad and plug the other end into a USB port on your PC. When a window appears asking if you`d like USB Drive or Charge LEAVE IT ALONE. :

Now back to your PC. Open the PreWare PC Software which is the JAR file you first downloaded and then click the globe button, it`ll download some files but let it do this.

Now click the green + button and select the KalemSoft player file you downloaded second.

Once you select the file,click install.

If it asks to install any dependencies say yes and let it continue.

Once installed, go to your downloaded apps tab and KalemSoft Media Player should be there. Open it up, once in there click on Settings > Activation. Enter the email address you used when you purchased the software through PayPal.

Click Activate. When you get a congratulations alert you`re good to go. Activating the software means you can play videos without a network connection.

Now you can just place DivX/Xvid AVI`s on the player(I add them under a videos folder) and you can play the files.

Freddie Update

By Danndel, September 1, 2011 6:13 am

Its been too long since our last update and Freddie is growing heaps!!

Freddie is officially 5 months old today, don’t ask me where the last 5 months have gone!! He is now eating solid foods twice a day, he is a big fan of apple and pumpkin and is not so keen on broccoli. He can also roll from his tummy to his back but not the other way yet, he tries hard he gets about 3/4 of the way there and then flops back on his back again :o )

Freddie has discovered Sesame Street and Bananas in Pyjamas in the last couple days and is a bit of a fan, he doesn’t mind the Wiggles either.

I’ve included a few photos, some were taken a couple of months ago on our trip up to Ballina in July and one of our visit with my Pop. We’re off to Ballina again in a couple of weeks for another visit with Poppy Alan, can’t wait!!!

Daniel and I are both well. For those not already in the know Daniel is now a writer for Ausdroid you can check out his articles and reviews on the Ausdroid blog he is loving it and has already posted 7 articles in his first week!! I am a very proud wife :o )

Anyway better go I need to feed Freddie his pumpkin!! Will post again soon xx

Freddie Stuff

By phroghollow, August 5, 2011 2:18 am

Monday this week we took Freddie for his 4-Month Vaccinations, again he was not happy about them but in his defence looking at the needles they stuck in him, i`m not surprised.

We also spoke to the Dr about solids as he has been eyeing off our dinners for a  while, the Dr said it wouldn`t hurt so we grabbed some Farex from the shop yesterday and gave him a try :

(This is a 5 minute video)

Well we`ll keep trying to update regularly, if you want check out his twitpic feed :


12 Weeks Old

By Danndel, June 27, 2011 3:31 am

I can’t quite believe that our boy is now 12 weeks old, the time has flown by!!

We had our final clinic appointment with the Community Nurse last week  and Freddie weighed in at 5.950 kg and 62cm long, he’s right on average for weight but very tall. He also has big feet, we’re having trouble with his ‘onesies’ as his feet out grow them so fast!!!

Freddie also decided to mark his 12 week birthday by starting to teeth!! No signs of any teeth yet but plenty of symptoms, running nose, pink cheeks and lots and lots of drool!!

End of this week we’re off to Ballina for Amy and Anthony’s engagement party, can’t wait to see everyone!! We’re also going to visit my Pop in Glen Innes, I spoke with him this morning and he’s very excited about meeting Freddie :o )

Will update again after our holiday with lots of new photos!!

Take care all xxx

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