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BT`s First Video

By phroghollow, January 8, 2011 4:37 am

BT :

No Dangly bits present but we did ask them not to aim there.

Baby Obviously likes sleeping with it`s arm above its head (Tyson Trait)

Yawning, Yes we did wake BT up, I was paying $230 for this honour you can wake up baby.

Slight Grin.

Yes thats a foot, BT is very flexible.

Say what now?

Stick that bottom lip out BT and Mummy will do anything for you.

Enjoy. Bye.

Pregnancy Care Clinic

By phroghollow, January 6, 2011 11:35 pm

Today we went to see the midwife at Queanbeyan Hospital we alternate meetings with Dr Davis and the midwives. They did the Heart monitor on the baby, and gave me a printout :

Baby Heartbeat 07/01/11

Tomorrow the 3D/4D scan :) . Bye.

Baby Update

By phroghollow, December 1, 2010 11:15 pm

We went to the Obstetrician yesterday (Dr Davis – Dr Who & Astroboy fan, Yes I approve this Obstetrician). He had a look at the ultrasound pics from Week 20, said everything looks fine. Set Adele up for her Gestational Diabetes Test which she`ll do shortly. We don`t really have any “Official” scans left so no more pictures…..well that`s just unacceptable isn`t it? So i`ve booked Adele into Bundle`s Baby for a 3D/4D scan on the 8th of January, we`re going for the Video package, so hopefully we`ll have some more footage and pics in early January, Yay.

That`s about it for now, I`m sure Adele will read this and get me to add something i`ve forgotten. Bye.

20 Weeks

By phroghollow, November 4, 2010 2:38 am

We`ve reached halfway :) . Went to Queanbeyan Hospital for this scan. Much better got photo`s on CD this time and it was FREE!!! When BT stops moving it’s a good looking kid :Still a bit freaky looking but better than last time ;)

Looking good in Profile though :

Has a good Heartbeat about 151beats per minute and the heart appears healthy and normal :

Cute little foot and hand :

So 20 More Weeks till we find out Boy or Girl. Unless you can peer between the legs :

Till next time. Bye.

BT – Heartbeat

By phroghollow, October 15, 2010 9:08 am

The Pic is from the 5 I uploaded to Facebook :

These are from the Down’s Syndrome test which measures for 3 types of Syndrome : Down`s Edward’s and Patau’s Syndromes. We`re at low risk for all 3 so they are pretty confident on little BT. Oh By The Way BT = Baby Tyson.

Next ultrasound is on the 4th of November for the 20 Week Scan.

Anyway, we`re off on Holiday on Sunday. So more blogs to come. Bye.

Sad Endings and New Beginnings

By phroghollow, September 10, 2010 9:14 am

2 Months ago yesterday I spoke to my mum and she told me she had cancer. The next Friday, Adele and I drove from Canberra to Charters Towers to help move, her and my dad back to Ballina so they could be close to Brisbane to enable her to get treatment. Adele and I saw Mary for one night before we drove her and Al to the airport in Townsville, so they could fly down to Brisbane. That one night was so worth the 2,500kms we drove on Friday and Saturday. We then continued on down to Brisbane to be with her as they tried to diagnose the primary cancer so they could begin treatment.

We drove through Mundubbera and dropped my sister off with her family and stayed for 2 nights and saw my niece in her sports carnival. We then continued on, me driving Mary`s car, the whole way I was distracted by my driving buddy :

19 days after being diagnosed, my mum died at the Mater Private Hospital in Brisbane, surrounded by her 5 kids and husband, it`s the hardest thing i`ve ever faced and even today I have bad moments and I think I will have bad moments for a long time to come.

Her funeral was a pink affair, how could it not be with an internet handle of PinkFoxyLady? Pink ties for the blokes and pink dresses/outfits for the ladies, we arranged a pink coffin for her send off, which was as she`d always wanted, full of laughter, tears and flowers.

Ace Of Base – Break My Stride

Mary was what I out of all her kids called her, people often wonder why, you have to differentiate yourself in a large family, ever tried yelling mum in a supermarket, or in a house with 5 kids? Mary was a big part of my life, she taught me all about fun, adventures and how to handle life`s little problems, I also got my fascination with technology and gadgets from her, I remember her resetting the BIOS on our first PC that we ever owned. she also taught me to fish which is what I did with her on our last trip to Ballina for Al`s 60th, we usually found time to fish when I was up there, we also tried prawning once which led to a funny story, i`m sure most people have heard.

The week after Mary`s funeral we found out something which changed my outlook, Adele is pregnant. I was lucky to be around the rest of my family when we found out, Mary had been praying for us to have a baby for years as it turned out after we read her prayer journal. Well it`s happened, just as she wanted, unfortunately my child won`t be lucky enough to meet this wonderful woman. People say she knows but I’m always going to be disappointed we never got to tell her. But all I can do is my best.

Adele is now 12 weeks pregnant. We had our first ultrasound a week and a half ago, we have another one on Thursday, we`ve been waiting a while to update our blog so we could share this news. And now my siblings and father can tell the entire world, I know they`ve been wanting to .
I`ll be updating more regularly from now on. Bye.

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